David Weiner Design


NATURE RESEARCH CENTER: Raleigh, North Carolina

Exhibit Design: Andrew Merriel Associates. Exhibit Lighting Design: David Weiner Design. Media Design: Batwin + Robin Productions


THE NATURE RESEARCH CENTER is a brand new, state of the art, science museum dedicated to teaching the visiting public about the processes of scientific research. The "HOW WE KNOW", rather than the "what we know."


The lighting design for the NATURE RESEATRCH CENTER deploys 95% LED sources to achieve one of the most energy efficient museum lighting installations in the country. Additionally, the track system has integrated DMX control allowing for discrete control of every head on the track. This allows the museum to install multiple special event lighting schemes on the track and leave them in place during normal operating hours. Those systems can be switched and controlled independently of the main lighting systems.


The Daily Planet, the Center's premier presentation space, deploys specialty lighting utilizing Plasma Light Sources. These fixtures have a lamp life in the range of 15000 hours. That is over 3 years of operation without any lamp replacement.

David Weiner